PHYS 301    ASSIGNMENTS               
Jan. 11 Introduction OpenStax Relativity EM spectrum
Jan. 13 Introduction Ctd. River Boat Problem
Jan. 18 No Class. Martin Luther King Holiday    
Jan. 20 Einstein Postulates and Time Dilation   Time Dilation
Jan. 25 Lorentz Transformation TD & LC, LT EP, LT Deri
Jan. 27 Relativistic Energy Relativistic Energy
Feb. 1 Relativistic Doppler effect RDE Derivation, and
RDE Problems
Feb. 3 Problem Solving   Practice Problems
Feb. 8 Review for Test #1    
Feb. 10 Test #1  Answer Key for Test #1    
Feb. 15 Electron Discovery: Thompson & Millikan Gravitational Waves Detected Thompson Expt
Feb. 17 Black Body Radiation Black Body Radiation  
Feb. 22 Photoelectric Effect Photoelectric Effect Hwk on Photoelectric Effect
Feb. 24 Fundamental constants Measurement of e/k Lab Handout for e/k
Feb. 29 Atomic Model Atomic Model Bohr Model
Mar. 2 X-ray Discovery X-ray Moseley's Plots
Mar. 7 Wave Properties of Particles Wave Properties of Particles De Broglie Wavelength
Mar. 9 Wave Properties of Particles    
Mar. 14 Spring Break    
Mar. 16 Spring Break    
Mar. 21 Review for Test #2    
Mar. 23 Test #2    
Mar. 28   Wave Equation Sketching Wave Func. and Probability
Mar. 30   Wave Equation Ctd.. Probability in a 1D infinite potential well
Apr. 4

Apr. 6   Quantum Dot
Quantum Dots in Solar cells
Apr. 11 Nuclear Physics Nuclear Physics-I Hwk 1 in NP
Apr. 13 Radioactivity Radioactivity Radioactivity Hwk
Apr. 18 Radioactive Dating Radioactive Dating RD Hwk
Apr. 20 Nuclear Energy Energy from the nucleus  
Apr. 25 Review for Final   Activity & Dose
8 AM
Final Exam    
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