PHYS 202 Spring 2018 Assignments        

w/pp slides
Jan-09 13.1,2 Temperature, Thermal  Expansion, Ice & Water    Ch13Hwk BB Hwk1 due 1/16
Jan-11 14.1,2,3 Heat: Specific Heat, Latent Heat     Ch14Hwk BB Hwk2 due 1/23
Jan-16 15.1,2 Thermodynamics:
Thermal Processes
2,4,10,13,14   First Law of TD ,  Paper Hwk3
due 1/25, 12:30
Jan-23 15.3,4,5,6 Thermodynamic Cycles:
Heat Engines, Entropy
Refrigerator and Air Conditioner
  BB Hwk4 H Pump, Refri, Entropy,
due 1/30
Jan-25 18.1,2,3 Electric Charges & Forces: Coulomb's Law 1,3,9,16,25   ANS18 Coulomb's Law
Jan-30   Review for Test #1 Study Guide for T#1  
Feb-01   Test #1S18  T1S18Ans.Key Chap13,14,15,18 Old Test 1 
Answer Key
Test #1 Answer Key  Test#1
Feb-06 20.1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Ohm's law & Electric ckts 2,8,10,18,22,24,41,50,54,55 Combining Resistors
Feb-08 18.4,5,6,7,8 Electric Field: Gauss' Law 27, 33,35,53,60,61 E-field Hwk
Feb-13 19.1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Electric Potential & Capacitors 2,7,13,27,32,53,57,60,61,64 V due to pt charges
Capacitance Hwk
Feb-15 21.1,2,3,4 Electric Circuits, Kirchhoff's Rules 35,36,37,38 
EqS3     EqS2
Feb-20 21.6 Capacitors, RC circuit 63,65,69  
Feb-22   Review for Test #2 Study Guide for T#2 Grade Cal. up to T2
Feb. 27   Test #2   Chap 19,20,21 Old Test 2
Answer Key
Test #2 Answer Key   Test#2
Mar-01 22.1,2,3,4,5,7,8 Magnetic fields and forces 1,2,3,4,5,6,9,13,17,20 BB hwk on Mag.
Mar-06 22.9,10,11 Magnetic Fields: Ampere's law Force on Current B due to Currents
Mar-08 23.1,2,3,4,5,6 Faraday's law and Lenz's Law 14,18,19 Faraday's Law
Mar-13   Spring Break    
Mar-15   Spring Break    
Mar-20 23.7,8 Generators and Transformers 20,65,67,74 Electric Generator
Mar-22 Chap 23 AC circuits. 23:3,9,33,45
AC circuits
Mar-27 Chap 24 EM waves and
EM spectrum
Mar-29   Review for Test #3 Study Guide for T#3 Grade Cal. Up to T3
Apr-03   Test #3   Chap 21,22,23, 24 Old Test 3
Answer Key
Test#3 Answer Key
Apr-05 25.1,2,7 Reflection and mirrors 1,2,57,58,62 Image Formation by Mirrors
Apr-10 25.3,4,5,6 Refraction and lenses 5,11,13,20,26,27,45 Image Formation by Lenses
Apr-12 26.1,2,3,4,5,6 Optical Instruments 1,12,16,22,33,34,35 BB hwk due 4/20
Apr-17 Chap 27   1,6,9,21,23,43 Interference & Diff.
Apr-19   Review for Final Exam Study Guide For Final  
Apr 26, 11:30   Comprehensive Final Exam SFQ on Vision Defects Grade Estimate w/Final
Pl do Course Evaluations Course Code: xxxxx Use your CWID number with W Final Practice-1, Also study old-tests 1,2,3 and follow the study guide for Final.