Department of Chemistry, Physics, & Geology
Semester: Fall 2017    Course: PHYS 321 - Materials Science     Periodic Table                 History of Periodic Table



Materials Cvered

08-23-17 Introduction         Problem set-1   Problem set-2
08-28-17 Bohr Model           OpenStaxCh30 H Spectra
08-30-17 Atomic Structure and Bonding                     Ionization Energy Electron Configurations, HW-2
09-06-17 Atomic Structure and Bonding ctd Chap-2 
09-11-17 Crystal Structures                    Lattice Structurs video                                   
09-13-17 Density and  SC  FCC  BCC  HCP   APF   HCP c/a  Summary
09-18-17 Cubic Directions    Hexagonal Directions    14 BRAVAIS LATTICE    HW-4    Hex Dir Ind Video
09-20-17 Crystallographic Planes Planes in Cube
09-25-17 Linear and Planar Densities HW-5
09-27-17 Review for Test #1  
10-02-17 Test #1   Test #1 F2017 Answer Key.pdf  
10-04-17 X rays  
10-09-17 X-ray diffraction X-ray Diffraction
10-11-17 X-ray diffraction: Selection Rules for Cubic Structurs X-Ray Diff Problem
10-18-17 Point Defects Point Defects
10-23-17 Compositions Compositions
10-25-17 Imperfections and Microscopy  
10-30-17 Ceramics: Structure & Properties P12.2&12.27 and P CsCl
11-01-17 Electrical Prop: Intrinsic Semiconduction Conductivity, Intrin.SC
11-06-17 Electrical Properties Extrinsic SC
11-08-17 Review for Test #2  
11-13-17 Test #2  
11-15-17 Thermal Properties: Heat capacity and Thermal expansion Heat Capacity
11-20-17 Thermal Properties: Conductivity and Stress HWK: Thermal Expansion
11-27-17 Magnetic Properties  
11-29-17 Magnetric Properties ctd..  
12-04-17 Review for Final  
12-12-17, 8 AM Final Exam:  Study Guide for Final