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W1 L1


 Chapter 1

Ch1a    Ch1b

Introduction, 2019 SI, NIST  Units, Unit Conversion, Second Accuracy, Precision, Uncertainties, and Significant figures.

Chapter 1.1,2,3,4
VLCh1a      VLCh1b



Hwk1: Units, due 8/29.

W1 L2


 Ch2: 1 Dim Kinematics

Ch2a    Ch2b

Scalars & Vectors,  Speed, velocity, and acceleration, and Kinematic Equations. 

 Chapter 2.1,2,3,4,5

VLCh2a       VLCh2b


Hwk2: 1 D Kinematics, due, 8/31.

W2 L3


 Ch2: Free Fall &  Graphing Motion   2c  2d

Position VS. Time and Velocity VS. Time

 Chapter 2.6,7,8

VLCh2c        VLCh2d

15, 20, 25, 26 


Hwk3: Graphing Motion, due, 9/5.

W2 L4


 Ch3: Vectors

Vec. Intro    Vec. Add

Vector Addition   Graphical Method

Vector Addition Calculator  Trigonometry

 Chapter 3.1,2,3

VLCh3a  Error at 16:50: South of East, not West of East.              VLCh3b


Hwk4: Vectors & Trig, due 9/7. 

W3 L5 9/5/23 Ch3: Projectile Motion
Ch3:PMT      Ch3:PMP
Projectile Motion: 
Horizontal Launch and Angle Launch
Chapter 3.4
VLCh3c         VLCh3d
13,14,15,16 25,26,40,47
Hwk5: Projectile Motion, Due 9/12.
W3 L6 9/7/23 Ch3: Relative Velocity
Relative Velocity Chapter 3.5
17,18 65
W4 L7 9/12/23 Review for Test #1 STUDY GUIDE FOR TEST#1          T1F2022     T1F2022Key
W4 L8 9/14/23 Test #1

 T1 F2023            T1 F2023 AKEY


     Post T1 Rev Part 1    Post T1 Rev Part 2 (Applicable only to the online class)
W5 L9 9/19/23 Ch4: Newton's Laws of Motion   Ch4a      Ch4b Newton's Three Laws of Motion Chapter 4.1,2,3,4
VLCh4a           VLCh4b
2,4,13 Hwk6: Newton's Laws, due 9/26.
1,8,15,24 Problems in Laws of Motion
W5 L10 9/21/23 Ch4: Appl. of Newton's laws       Ch4c      Ch4d  Free-Body-Diagrams, Forces of Nature Chapter 4.5,6,7,8
VLCh4c           VLCh4d
26 33,41,42
Hwk7: Appl.Newton's laws, Due 9/28.
W6 L11 9/26/23 Ch5: Friction & Drag
Ch5a        Ch5b
Frictional Forces Friction Problem,
Sky Diving
Chapter 5.1,2
VLCh5a            VLCh5b
3,5 4,17,18,19,23,27
Hwk8: Friction & Drag, Due 10/3.
W6 L12 9/28/23 Ch6: Circular Motion & Gravitation  Ch6a  Ch6b  Circular Motion Circular Motion Problem  Gravitation  ISS reboost Chapter 6.1,2,3,5
VLCh6a          VLCh6b
2,9,21 26,31,33
Hwk9: Cir.Motion & Gravit., Due 10/5.
W7 L13 10/3/23 Ch7: Work & Energy
Ch7a           Ch7b
  PE and KEFuture of Energy Chapter 7.1,2,3,4,5
VLCh7a           VLCh7b
3,19,25 2,6,8,34,45
W7 L14 10/5/23 Ch7: Work & Power
Ch7c            Ch7d
Conservation of Energy Chapter 7.6,7,8,9
VLCh7c           VLCh7d
  Hwk10: Work & energy, Due 10/10.
W8 L15 10/10/23 Ch8: Momentum & Impulse   Ch8a      Ch8b Momentum, Impulse-Momentum Theorem

Chapter 8.1,2,3,4,5,6
VLCh8a           VLCh8b


1,4,5,15,16 7,8,21,24,36,41
Hwk11: Mom. & Impulse, Due 10/12.
W8 L16 10/12/23 Review for Test #2 Study Guide for Test #2           
W9 L17 10/19/23

Test #2



T2F2022      T2F2022AnswerKey 


              Grade Cal Upto T2
W10 L18 10/24/23 Ch10: Rotational Motion
Ch10a         Ch10b
Rot. Inertia, Disk & Ring, 
Cons. of Ang. Momentum
VLCh10a           VLCH10b
1,5 1,5,11,14,15,24,39
Hwk12: Rotational Kinematics, Due 10/31.
W10 L19 10/26/23 Rotational Dynamics  Ch10c    VLCh10c           VLCh10d    Hwk13: Rot.Dyn, due 11/2.
W11 L20 10/31/23 Ch9: Statics
Static Problem 9.1,2,3,4
VLCh9a        VLCh9b        VLCh9c
5,7,8,15,19 Hwk14: Equilibrium, Due 11/7.
1,16,27,33,37      P15,16,18,23 CJ7P280
W11 L21 11/2/23 Ch11: Fluid Statics
Barometer, Archimedes' Principle
Floating in Dead Sea


Hwk15: Fluid Statics, due 11/14.

W12 L22 11/7/23 Review for Test #3

Study Guide for Test #3


Sample Test    Sample Test Ans Key   Grade Cal Upto T3
W12 L23 11/9/23 Test #3  T3F23 T3F23Akey T3F22Akey                      Post T3  Review (Applicable only to the online section)
W13 L24 11/14/23 Ch16: HL and HM
Ch16a     Ch16b
Simple Harmonic Motion 16.1,2,3,4,5
VLCh16a      VLCh16b
1,8,10,13 4,5,7,15,19,29,35,36
Hwk16: SHM, Due 11/21. 
W13 L25 11/16/23 Ch17 Sound
Ch17a   Ch17b   Ch17c
 Sonic Boom  Bell in a Vacuum   17.1,2,3,4,5,6,7
VLCh17a     VLCh17b     VLCh17c
7,9 2,3,5,12,41,42,50
Hwk17: Sound, due 11/28.
W14 L26 11/21/23 Ch17: Air Columns
 SFQ on String Vib             SFQ on Bern Prin  
SFQ on Rot Dyn                 SFQ Pascal Prin
 AKey for all 4
VLCh17d      VLCh17e
W15 L27 11/28/23 Review for Final SFQ air column      SFQ waves   SFQ Ear Canal    VLRfF1  Akey for all 3  
W15 L28 11/30/23 Review for Final   SFQ on Pressure  SFQ Equil     SFQ Archi Prin  Akey for all 3 Practice Problems
  12/7/23  Final Exam: 001(11:30-2) and 002( 10 AM - 10 PM,  starting time), duration 2.5 H.

Study Guide for Final
SFQ FA in Eq   SFQ Mom Cons

Equations Sheet For Final 

SFQ Archi Prin Con E and Equil  HS 1   HS 2 
Grade Prediction with Final


Please do Course Evaluation  and upload the screen shot of the completion page in Blackboard.