Lecture Files

PowerPoint files and any audio recordings of the lectures may be found on this page. All files are intended for use by students enrolled in CHEM523 at Winthrop University and are the sole copyright of the instructor. Any use by unauthorized personnel without the express written consent of the instructor is forbidden. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 21 August

Friday, 23 August

Friday, 30 August: Chapter 3: Working with Proteins and Proteomes

Friday, 6 September: Chapter 6: Exploring Evolution and Bioinformatics

Wednesday, 11 September: Chapter 7: Hemoglobin

Friday, 13 September: Chapter 7: The Bohr Effect (finishing the Chapter 7 slides from Wednesday's class)

Wednesday, 25 September: Chapter 8: Enzyme Kinetics

Friday, 30 September: Kinetics Continued

Wednesday, 2 September: Mechanisms 1

Friday, 4 October: Mechanisms 2

Wednesday, 9 October: RNAse A and Catalytic Regulation Part 1 (Chapter 10.1 and 10.2)

Wednesday, 16 October: Catalytic Regulation Part 2: Chapter 10.3 and 10.4

Wednesday, 23 October: Chapter 11: Sugars

Friday, 25 October: Chapter 12: Lipids

Friday, 1 November: Chapter 14: Biological Signaling

Wednesday, 6 November: Chapter 4: Nucleic acids

Friday, 8 November: Chapter 28: DNA Replication

Wednesday, 13 November: Chapter 29.1: Transcription and Transcriptional Control (Chapter 29.1)

Friday, 15 November: Regulation of Transcription: Activators, Repressors, Catabolite Repression and Attenuation