Using Rocketbook to Submit Work for CHEM523

Obtaining and using a reusable Rocketbook notebook and erasable Frixion pens are a requirement for the course. Because biochemistry blends written descriptions of biological phenomena with drawing chemical structures and reaction mechanisms, many online/remote learning tools simply aren't feasible for the material we will discuss.

  1. You need to order a Rocketbook here:
  3. You will also want to get some additional Frixion pens, available here:
  5. If you have access to a printer, you can download and print loose leaf Rocketbook pages for free here:
  7. Once you have a notebook and some pens, you will need to download the Rocketbook app onto your phone and set it up using your Winthrop email address according to the instructions for either iOS or Android here:
  9. Once you have downloaded the app onto your phone and registered your account, you need to setup a destination for CHEM523 assignments. I'd recommend using the apple symbol, but you can use whatever symbol you want. This link shows you how to set things up:
  11. Always remember to put an "X" through whatever symbol you have designated as being my email address at the bottom of each Rocketbook page you want to send me.

Testing your Rocketbook setup

on one of your Rocketbook pages, write:

  1. Your name
  2. You major at Winthrop University
  3. Why you are taking this course
  4. What (if anything) you have heard about the course
  5. Something you are looking forward to learning about in the course during the semester.

Once you have everything written out, send it to me via the Rocketbook app. I will reply that I have received and can read your work.

Go ahead and wipe your Rocketbook page clean with a damp paper towel and dry it off once you have received my confirmation email.