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1.    Nicholas E. Grossoehme, Zhen Ma, David P. Giedroc.  Control of copper resistance and inorganic sulfur metabolism by paralogous regulators in Staphylococcus aureus.  J. Biol. Chem;  2011, 286, 13522-13531.

2.    Fredrik Sommer, Janette Kropat, Nicholas E. Grossoehme, Davin Malasarn, Xiaohua Chen, David P. Giedroc, Sabeeha S. Merchant.  Two metal-responsive domains in the nutritional copper sensor in Chlamydomonas. Plant Cell; 2011, 22, 4098-4113.

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3.    Nicholas E. Grossoehme, Anne M. Spuches, Dean E. Wilcox.  “Applications of Isothermal Titration Calorimetry in Bioinorganic Chemistry.”  J. Biol. Inorg. Chem; 2010, 15, 1183-1191.

4.    Nicholas E. Grossoehme, David Giedroc.  Energetics of allosteric negative coupling in the zinc sensor S. aureus CzrA.  J. Am. Chem. Soc.; 131, 17860-17870.                                                                                           
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5.    Nicholas E. Grossoehme, Lichun Li, Sarah C. Keane, Pinghua Liu, Charles Dann III, Julian Liebowitz, David Giedroc.  N protein N-terminal Domain (NTD) specifically bind to the transcriptional regulatory sequence (TRS) and melts TRS-cTRS duplexes. J. Mol. Biol.; 2009; 394, 544-557.

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6.    Zheng, M.,   Cooper, D.R.,  Grossoehme, N.E.,   Yu, M.,   Hung, L.W.,   Cieslik, M.,   Derewenda, U.,   Lesley, S.A.,   Wilson, I.A.,   Giedroc, D.P.,   Derewenda, Z.S.  Structure of Thermotoga maritima TM0439: implications for the mechanism of bacterial GntR transcription regulators with Zn2+-binding FCD domains. Acta. Crystallogr., Sect.D 2009; 65, 356-365.

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7.    David P. Giedroc and Nicholas E. Grossoehme.  Metal Ions and the thermodynamics of RNA folding.  In Nucleic Acid-Metal Ion Interactions, Nicholas V. Hud, RSC Publishing, Cambridge, UK 2009; 180-220.

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9.    Nicholas E. Grossoehme, Shreeram A. Akilesh, Mary Lou Guerinot, Dean E. Wilcox.  “Metal-Binding Thermodynamics of the Histidine-Rich Sequence from the Metal-Transport Protein IRT1 of Arabidopsis thaliana.” Inorganic Chemistry; 2006; 45, 8500-8508.

10.    Nicholas E. Grossoehme, David P. Giedroc.  “Allosteric coupling between transition metal binding sites in homooligomeric metal sensor proteins.” In Methods in Molecular Biology, Aron Fenton, Humana Press, NYC.  In Press

11.    Nicholas E. Grossoehme, David P. Giedroc.  “Illuminating Allostery in Metal Sensing Proteins.”  In Methods in Molecular Biology, Wlodek Bujalowsi, Humana Press, NYC.  In Press.