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Fatima Amir, Assistant Professor of Physics

Diana Boyer, Associate Professor of Geology

Cliff Calloway, Professor of Chemistry 

Gwen Daley, Associate Professor of Geology 

Maria Gelabert, Professor of Chemistry

Christian Grattan, Associate Professor of Chemistry 

Nick Grossoehme, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Jay Hanna, Professor of Chemistry

Clifton Harris, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Assistant Director of Eagle-STEM Program

Aaron Hartel, Professor of Chemistry 

Jason Hurlbert, Associate Professor of Chemistry 

Robin Lammi, Professor of Chemistry 

Ponn Mahes, Professor of Physics 

Pat Owens, Professor of Chemistry and Chair 

Kathie Snyder, Director of General Chemistry and Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Takita Sumter, Professor of Chemistry 

Scott Werts, Associate Professor of Geology 

Lee Miller, Department Operations, Budget and Facilities Manager 

Wille Ruth Aiken, Department Laboratory Chemist 

Rachel Law, Eagle STEM Scholars Program Director

Mary Abell, Eagle STEM Scholars Program Administrative Assistant

Carol Inglis, Eagle STEM Scholars Program Graduate Assistant

Pam Jaco, Chemistry Instrumentation Manager


Cheryl Dammann, Lecturer in Chemistry

Kristen Kull, Lecturer in Chemistry

Tom Lipinski, Lecturer in Physics and Astronomy 

William McGuinness, Lecturer in Geology

Lille-Dunn Holton-McGuinness, Lecturer in Geology

F. Gregg McIntosh, Lecturer in Chemistry 

Chasta Parker, Lecturer in Chemistry

Al Quarles, Lecturer in Geology 


Irene Boland, Emeritus Professor of Geology

Lennart Kullberg, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

Mesgun Sebhatu, Emeritus Professor of Physics