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Useful Links :

Amino Acid Structures: A nice page with multiple views of the naturally occuring amino acids.

Amino Acid Chart: An image from the Wikipedia entry on amino acids. The image is full of details and very informative. Consult this often during the semester. A local copy can be found here.

Protein Purification Overview: A review article describing current approaches to protein purification.

SDS-PAGE overview: A summary page from the molecular biology course at Davidson.

MALDI-TOF MS Identification of an unknown protein: An experimental protocol from Indiana University illustrating how to use a MALDI-TOF mass spectrum of a tryptic digest and a publicly available database to identify an unknown protein.

Proteopedia: A wiki style page that contains articles describing the function of a protein in relation to its structure. Very nice site and a good place to just look around at some of you favorite proteins.

Using your TI Graphing Calculator

  • Many of you have purchased powerful and expensive Texas Instruments graphing calculators, but do you know how to use it? Check this link from and get to know the instrument you've purchased a little bit better.

A two page command list for UCSF's Chimera molecular graphics program.








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