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Weekly Bonus:

Weekly Bonus, 28 November, 2010. Due on Monday, 6 December, 2010

10 points

You are trying to determine the concentration of ethanedioic acid by titrating it with potassium permanganate. If this reaction were a galvanic cell, the cell notation for the reaction under acidic conditions would be:

KMnO4 | Mn2+ || (COOH)2 | CO2


a) Write the balanced chemical equation for the redox reaction if it were run in the presence of sulfuric acid.
b) If this was a cell, what would the emf of the cell be under standard conditions? How about if the potassium permanganate solution was 0.75M and the ethanedioic acid was present at 0.5M stremgth?
c) If it took 23.2 mL of 0.125M potassium permanganate to titrate 11.5 mL of ethanedioic acid, what is the concentration of ethanedioic acid?
d) Look carefully at the chemical formula of ethanedioic acid. Now look again. Draw an approximate titration curve for the titration reaction. Be certain to annotate all unique features of the curve.


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