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Useful Links :

You may find the following links helpful in your studies this semester. The standard Internet disclaimer applies though: Just because you see it on your computer screen doesn't means it is right! When in doubt, do more research.

General Chemistry Links from New Mexico State University. A pretty lengthy list of links for General Chemistry students. Check some of them out if you have the time.

WebElements. A nifty electronic Periodic Table that allows you to learn more about each element.

Effective Nuclear Charge: A link to a page from the University of Texas Dallas about Zeff

Periodic Trends: A page on the trends of elements in the Periodic Table from Western Oregon University

A worksheet on Periodic Trends from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Trends in the Periodic Table: A nice tutorial on the basic trends present in the Periodic Table of the Elements from WW Norton Publishers.

Lewis Structures/VSEPR/Valence Bond Theory Animated tutorials: A nice set of animated tutorials from Mr. Kent's Chemistry pages.

Lewis Structure Rules from the University of Maine Department of Chemistry

Lewis Structures / VSEPR Tutorial from Scottsdale Community College

Shrodinger's Equation links at the Hyperphysics site at Georgia Southern University: If you're interested, this link will take you to a nice site that explains Shrodinger's equation at all difficulty levels.

Chemguide page for Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding: A set of pages from Jim Clark's Chemguide pages in the UK with links to discussions on atomic structure and bonding. Definitely worth a look.




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