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One of the purposes of this site is to create a database of chemical information that can be correlated with how the molecule looks.  An example would be to see how the geometry of water causes the boiling point to be at 100 C instead of 50 C.

NEW 3D VRML Grapher for graphing 3D functions.

11/10/98: completed VRMLtoPDB97 version 1.0 for Windows 95/98/NT. Download

5/21/98: added vibrational models for water and carbon dioxide

4/24/98: added vrml 2.0 with angles viewable through different viewpoints and information on bond distance and bond angles

4/10/98: added bond length and bond angle computations to Ethene and Acetylaldehyde VRML.

4/3/98: added vrml Bucky Ball as tubes or ball and stick.
Coming Soon: :Reaction Path Ways for Environmental Reactions

Eventually:  DNA and RNA Chains
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Molecules constructed using Spartan and converted to VRML 1.0 using pdb-to-vrml converter found at VRML in Chemistry
web page.

Information from Chemfinder, MSDS, and Reference Guide for Amino Acids  .

If you have any suggestions or would like to see a specific molecule modeled on vrml (or in pdb format), e-mail us.

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