Department of Chemistry, Physics and Geology

Instructor: Dr. Scott Werts


Introduction to Soils Science


Soils represent arguably the most critical place in regards to survival ecosystems on land.  They provide the foundation for nearly every physical, chemical and biological development seen on land.  Soils are our most important natural resources and are key to environmental sustainability and any human use of the land.


This course will provide a basis for understanding the fundamental properties of soil.  We will investigate the natural factors that influence soil formation and how the soils themselves influence the landscape as a whole. 


One of the main goals of this course is to give students hands on experience in understanding and analyzing soils in very diverse environments with a wide range of soil properties. To accomplish this, we will go on several field trips within both North and South Carolina and wrap up the course with a 10 day trip to the southwestern US where we will explore soils from arid basins, the high plains and mountain ranges of Arizona. Along the way, we will also be exploring various archaeological ruins, asteroid impact craters and the Grand Canyon!


Please click on some links and explore more.  Almost every photo on this webpage was taken with the instructors camera at the field sites and is even better experienced in person. 



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