Research Paper Requirements

  1. For this requirement, you are to write a 10 page paper that focuses on a current environmental issue of concern.


2.      The paper should address:

         An extensive technical description of the issue, to include underlying causes and resulting impact.

         An overview and detailed description of actions being taken to address  the problem

         An analysis that clearly argues whether the problem has been or is being successfully addressed.  Be sure to completely support your conclusions.

         A discussion of sustainability practices related to this issue.


  1. You must use citations from a minimum of ten references from recent journals and books for this paper.  Copies of the three most important references must be attached to your paper. Internet citations must be limited to published reports and articles.  Use APA or MLA style documentation.  The Winthrop Writing Center has excellent resources for research papers and styles of documentation.


4.      Topic selection:  Develop 2-3 ideas, survey the literature to ensure sufficient references are available, and submit the list of possible topics to me by the midterm examination.