Department of Chemistry, Physics, & Geology


Semester: Spring 2021            
PHYS 351 (002) – Independent Study in Physics                
PHYS 212 or PHYS 202 and department chair approval    
Credit hours: 3                                

Project based Research: Sims 206 and 207. Students will perform experiments related to projects and complete a report for each project with a final presentation for a project of their choice.                                                        

Professor: Dr. Ponn Maheswaranathan (HUMahesUH), Sims 213-B.
Office Hours: T & Th 11-12:30 and 8-9 PM, WebLink or by appointment.  
Phone: 323 4940, E-mail:

Textbook:  None, Reference materials will be provided. 

Course Description                    

PHYS 351 is a Directed study of topics in physics which are not available through the regular curriculum. This Independent Study in Physics course primarily intended for
minors in engineering physics. Students will conduct project based research in selected topics familiar to them or exposed to in prior courses.    

Course Objectives

a. Develop an understanding of the techniques used in fundamental research of physics topics.
b. Develop problem-solving skills in projects.  
c. Gain an understanding of physics problem solving in science & technology projects. 

University-Level Competency

Independent study in physics introduces students to the role of scientific reasoning in designing projects and solving research problems (e.g. analyzing amplifier circuits, designing radio receivers, and measuring fundamental physical propertites of matter). They will apply the scientific methodologies of inquiry during the design, analysis, and construction of electronic projects. They will also be introduced to experimentation and investigation of physical science topics such as temperature dependence of speed of sound in air and temperature depenmdence of the density of water.    


It is essential to do research for designing and constructing the projects. Follow the reference materials and solve problems to gain mastery of independent research. Reading assignments, reference materials, and background research are assigned for each project.  
The students are advised to make a genuine effort to complete all the assigned work and
complete the projects.  

Students with Disabilities/Need of Accommodations for Access:

Winthrop University is committed to providing access to education.  If you have a condition which may adversely impact your ability to access academics and/or campus life, and you require specific accommodations to complete this course, contact the Office of Accessibility (OA) at 803-323-3290, or, Please inform me as early as possible, once you have your official notice of accommodations from the Office of Accessibility.


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Student Conduct Code
The policy on student academic misconduct is outlined in the “
Student Conduct" website and the Student Handbook.   

Syllabus change policy
Instructor will make changes to this syllabus as deemed necessary for the progression of the course.

Exam Policy
There are no tests or final exam in this course. Students will submit bi-weekly progress reports and a final paper & presentation.    

Grade The letter grade will be assigned as follows:
100% - 90% = A     89% - 87% = A-    86% - 84% = B+    83% - 80% = B    79% - 77% = B-   
 76%-74% = C+   73% - 67% = C     66% - 64% = C-       63%-60% = D      59%- 0%  = F