CHEM 105, Section 001 (Dr. Lammi)


SmartWork is the online homework/tutorial environment created by the publisher of our textbook. Since the publisher provides access to SmartWork free of charge with new textbooks (in certain formats), I have created OPTIONAL (ungraded) assignments for interested students, which will provide additional practice with problem-solving, including feedback and step-by-step solutions.


I would suggest that you work the assigned textbook problems first (these are not online), and then use SmartWork to gain additional practice (including tips, etc.) on those concepts with which you struggled.   




To use SmartWork, you will need:

·         A valid e-mail address (it’s suggested to use your Winthrop e-mail)

·         A registration code from the publisher, W. W. Norton. If you bought a textbook “With Access” from the Winthrop bookstore, this code came with your textbook. If not, you can purchase one from W. W. Norton: SmartWork access for a single semester is $25.

·         The course enrollment key for our specific course: CHEMAT10735 (Note that it is case-sensitive)


Once you have your registration code and the enrollment key above, you’re ready to access SmartWork from the following website:


A screenshot of our course “homepage” in SmartWork is shown below. Assignments are organized by chapter; you’ll be able to click on each assignment to access and answer the questions it contains.





·         If you’re going to use SmartWork, make sure you try the “Getting Familiar with SmartWork” exercises, so that you understand how to enter your answers, including dealing with subscripts and superscripts, inserting symbols, answering matching questions, etc. This will save you frustration later.

·         I plan to post two “assignments” of practice problems for each textbook chapter. Once posted, these will remain accessible to you throughout the semester. You may try questions as many times as you like, visit and return to assignments, etc.  

o   The “Practice, Ch. 1” and “More Practice, Ch. 1” assignments are already posted for you.

o   There are also three math-related “assignments” under Chapter 1.

·         You may also want to check out the ChemTours resource accessible within SmartWork. These brief presentations on various topics may be useful supplements to your lecture notes and textbook.

·         Again, please remember that everything in SmartWork will be an optional, ungraded opportunity for extra practice and feedback.