CHEM552 Chemistry Research Course Homepage Spring 2022

Course Specifics:

Instructor: Dr. Jason C. Hurlbert

Office: Sims 301B

Office hours: T 5:00-6:00PM, R 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM, F 11:00-12:00PM and by appointment

Phone: 323-4928


Meeting Times:

CHEM552 Friday, 10:00 - 10:50AM

3 credit hours

Textbook: ACS Style Guide, 3rd Edition, Anne Coghill and Lorrin Garson, editors

Course Outline and Objectives:

CHEM 551 and CHEM552 are a two-semester sequence that provides a faculty-mentored research experience that exposes undergraduates to hypothesis-based investigations in chemistry. The goals of these courses align with University Level Competency (ULC) #1 – “Winthrop graduates think critically and solve problems,” and ULC #4 “Winthrop graduates communicate effectively.”

During the Research sequence (CHEM 551 – 552), the student will learn to:

For specific course information (grading, assignment details, etc.) about the class, please refer to the syllabus link above