Chemistry 571: Advanced Organic Chemistry: Polymer Chemistry


Dr. T. Christian Grattan

Fall 2017 Winthrop University

F 9:30-10:45 AM (Sims 113C)


Office 301B Sims Hall, Phone number # 323-4927



Textbooks: Polymer Chemistry: An Introduction, 3rd ed., Stevens - REQUIRED


Course objectives:  My overall goal for this course is to explain the fundamental concepts of polymer chemistry.  Specifically these objectives are:


-          Understand the fundamentals of polymer chemistry.

-          Understand the different structural polymers are formed and their applications.

-          Understand the different reactions and analysis of polymers.

-       Examine synthetic versus natural polymers (biopolymers)


Office Hours:  T 11:00 AM–12:00 PM, MW 10:30 AM–11:30 AM  or by appointment.  I will also be accessible to answer questions on email.  This course may become complex at times so I ask you to get your questions resolved as soon as possible.


Attendance:  I strongly suggest that you do not miss class outside of a severe personal or family crisis.  Each student must also understand that they are responsible for all assignments for the course regardless of absence


Homework and Assignments:  Homework will be assigned throughout the course.  These assignments may range from researching library articles to typical text problems.  These assignments will be representative of the questions on the in-class exams.


Presentations:  There will be a final literature article or topical presentation on organometallic chemistry that will be assigned midway through the semester to each student.  Each student will give a 20-30 minute power point presentation during the allotted final exam time.


Grading System:

3 in-class Exams (100 pts/each)

300 points


200 points

Final Exam Presentation

200 points


700 points

Graduate student assignment

200 points

 Chemistry 571: Advanced Organic Chemistry - Winthrop University


Grading Scale:        The grading scale for this course will be based upon a traditional scale as shown 100-93 (A), 92-90% (A-), 89-87% (B+), 86-83% (B), 82-80% (B-), 79-77% (C+), 76-70% (C), 69-60% (D), < 60%(F) distribution using the total points in the course.


Graduate Students: For students seeking advanced degrees, you must complete an additional assignment to receive graduate credit for this course. Graduate degree seeking students will develop an end of the semester research paper that will cover an approved topic of your choice.  This paper should be informative, well referenced and incorporate a number of the topics covered this semester.   


Exams:  This course will consist of three in-class exams and a final presentation given on the dates provided.  Each exam is limited to the allotted class time and the final presentation will be limited to twenty five to thirty minutes talks.  Make up exams will be given only with a valid excuse such as a severe personal or family crisis.  (see Catalog p.29) The final exam will be a 20-minute presentation covering a polymer topic of interest to the student that was not covered in the same depth during class.


Exam 1

Friday Sept. 22

9:30 AM

Exam 2

Friday Oct. 30

9:30 AM

Exam 3

Friday Nov. 30

9:30 AM


Thursday Dec. 10

11:30 AM






Cheating:  Infractions of the academic discipline are dealt with in accordance with the student Academic Misconduct Policy which is in the Student Conduct Code in the Student Handbook.  Academic misconduct includes, but is not limited to, providing or receiving assistance in any manner not authorized by the professor in the creation of work to be submitted for academic evaluation including papers, projects and examinations; presenting as ones own, the ideas or words of another for academic evaluation without proper acknowledgement; doing unauthorized academic work for which another person will receive credit to be evaluated.


Students with Disabilities:  Winthrop University is dedicated to providing access to education.  If you have a disability and require specific accommodations to complete this course, contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS) at 323-3290.  Once you have your official notice of accommodations from the Office of Disability Services, please inform me as early as possible in the semester.













Chemistry 571: Advanced Organic Chemistry - Winthrop University

Lecture/Exam Schedule





Intro/Basic principles


Nomenclature/Molecular Weight


Chemical Structure


Chemical Structure


Exam 1




Free Radical Polymerization


Ionic Polymerization


Polymerization with Coordination catalysts


Exam 2


Reactions of Vinyl Polymers


Step-reaction/Ring Opening Polymerization






Exam 3


Final Exam Presentations