CHEM409-001/2                              Physical Chemistry Laboratory                                         Fall 2020

Blackboard Course

Online Synchronous Instruction TW 2-4:50, Hybrid Lab Contact TW 2-4:50 (1 credit hour)


Professor Maria C. Gelabert Artiles

803-323-4939 (voice messages go to e-mail)

Office Hours – Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: M 12:30-1:30, TW 9:30-10:30 or by appointment

No F2F appointments in Sims offices

University Competencies

Competency 1: Winthrop graduates think critically and solve problems. You will practice various levels of problem-solving, thoroughly analyze data, and use outside sources for further analysis.

Competency 2: Winthrop graduates are personally and socially responsible. You will practice standard chemical hygiene and safety protocols, signatures of scientific responsibility.

Competency 3: Winthrop graduates understand the interconnected nature of the world and the time in which they live. You will connect with other scientists with the understanding that good communication translates into effective science communication to the broader community.

Competency 4: Winthrop graduates communicate effectively. You will practice communication: data is recorded, analyzed, and written up into a report that contains numerical and written information.

Course Synopsis and Goals

In this laboratory course, experiments are completed that connect with the CHEM407 lecture material. Besides laboratory skills, techniques in data collection, error estimation and propagation, calculations, data presentation and scientific writing are practiced. Important corollary skills include keeping a clear, well-organized lab notebook and synthesizing all material into a comprehensive lab report.

Learning Outcomes and Products

Upon completion of this course, students will demonstrate their mastery with the following:

·      Clear pre-lab notes, experimental description and raw data;

·      Effective manipulation of data;

·      Appropriate assignment of errors and propagation of those errors;

·      Comparison of experimental results with accepted values and reference citation;

·      Reports that are clearly written, organized, with correct calculations and appropriate citations.

Required Materials

Spartan Student Edition, v. 8 ($25 with coupon code WINTHROP25)

Non-spiral composition book, 80-100 pp, lined or quadrille

safety goggles