CHEM 461, 462, 463: Academic Internships in Chemistry, Fall 2020
Section 001, Course # 11906 1.0 Credit Hrs; Course # 11907 2.0 Credit Hrs; Course #11114 3.0 Credit Hrs

Time/Location:  TBD
Professor: Dr. Cliff Calloway,
Office/Phone: 312-B Sims Science Building/323-4945 Cell: 803-329-4582
Office Hours: MWF: 10:00 – 12:00 {Zoom.  Other times and modes, too….please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I check email and voicemail periodically during the day and evening.}
Textbook: None required.
Registration Calendar (important dates for registration, S/U, graduation, etc.)

Course Goals:
Internships play a critical role in science education and career development.  These internships prepare students for careers in chemistry, biochemistry and many other fields by giving students an opportunity to work in a chemistry or chemistry-related field alongside professionals in that industry.

Winthrop University's faculty adopted a set of four University Level Competencies (ULCs) that describe the qualities our students develop during their Winthrop career.  It is easy to see that this course involves solving problems and developing good communication skills.  However, you will also learn the responsibilities of chemists to the greater good of our planet and society, as well as the global nature of the chemistry enterprise.  Within this internship experience, I think you will find the course fits well with all four competencies.

Competency 1: Winthrop graduates think critically and solve problems.
Winthrop University graduates reason logically, evaluate and use evidence, and solve problems. They seek out and assess relevant information from multiple viewpoints to form well-reasoned conclusions. Winthrop graduates consider the full context and consequences of their decisions and continually reexamine their own critical thinking process, including the strengths and weaknesses of their arguments.

Competency 2: Winthrop graduates are personally and socially responsible.
Winthrop University graduates value integrity, perceive moral dimensions, and achieve excellence. They take seriously the perspectives of others, practice ethical reasoning, and reflect on experiences. Winthrop graduates have a sense of responsibility to the broader community and contribute to the greater good.

Competency 3: Winthrop graduates understand the interconnected nature of the world and the time in which they live.
Winthrop University graduates comprehend the historical, social, and global contexts of their disciplines and their lives. They also recognize how their chosen area of study is inextricably linked to other fields. Winthrop graduates collaborate with members of diverse academic, professional, and cultural communities as informed and engaged citizens.

Competency 4: Winthrop graduates communicate effectively.
Winthrop University graduates communicate in a manner appropriate to the subject, occasion, and audience. They create texts - including but not limited to written, oral, and visual presentations - that convey content effectively. Mindful of their voice and the impact of their communication, Winthrop graduates successfully express and exchange ideas.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Through this internship experience, you will
· Gain practical experience by working in a professional chemistry-related environment
· Demonstrate an ability to work independently and utilize principles of chemistry to solve real-world problems

Course Requirements:
· Students wishing to receive credit for a chemistry internship are required to find, apply for, and be selected for a chemistry or chemistry-related internship position with an organization of their choice. They will then need to seek permission by the Department Chair to register for the appropriate internship course.
· The student must complete at least 50 hr of work during the semester for each hour of academic credit awarded and these work hours must be completed during the term (fall, spring, or summer) in which the student is registered for the internship course.
· Before beginning the internship, the student is required to
1. Contact the Winthrop University Center for Career and Civic Engagement (CCE) to schedule and complete an internship orientation session. Use the “Schedule Appointment” link at and choose “Internship Consultation”. There you can schedule an appointment.
2. Complete an Internship Learning Agreement to document the projects, tasks, and learning outcomes expected during this internship experience. This Learning Agreement must be circulated to the course instructor, the internship supervisor, and the CCE Internship Program Manager for approval. Internship hours cannot be counted until this document is fully approved.
· During the internship, the student must enter their daily work hours on the Work Hours Log. Once the hours have been completed, the internship supervisor must sign the log.
· At the halfway point of the internship, the student must complete an intermediate evaluation of the internship experience. The CCE Internship Program Manager will submit results of the completed student evaluation to the instructor.
· After the student has completed the required hours, the student must complete a final evaluation of the internship experience. The CCE Internship Program Manager will submit results of the completed student evaluation to the instructor.
· When the internship has been completed, the student must also complete a Final Reflective Paper thoroughly documenting the internship experience (guidelines). The student must ensure that no proprietary information is included in the paper.
· The Work Hours Log and Final Reflective Paper are due to the CCE Internship Program Manager by 5:00 pm on the Study Day. The CCE Internship Program Manager will forward the materials to the instructor for grading.
Course Grading: The course is graded S/U. Satisfactory completion of the requirements listed above is necessary for a grade of “S.”
Class Attendance and Conduct: Student Interns must be at their assigned workplace at their scheduled times. Students are expected to adhere to the Winthrop Student Conduct Code as outlined in the Student Handbook: (

Responsibilities: The internship supervisor will approve the Internship Learning Agreement and the Work Hours Log. In addition, the internship supervisor will complete short evaluations of the student’s performance at the midpoint and end of the internship period. Evaluation requests will be sent to the internship supervisor at the appropriate time by the CCE Internship Program Manager. The CCE Internship Program Manager will submit results of the completed performance evaluations to the course instructor.

Students with Disabilities/Need of Accommodations for Access: Winthrop University is committed to providing access to education. If you have a condition which may adversely impact your ability to access academics and/or campus life, and you require specific accommodations to complete this course, contact the Office of Accessibility (OA) at 803-323-3290, or as early as possible to discuss your concerns. Please inform me once you have your official notice of accommodations from the Office of Accessibility.

Changes to Syllabus: Any changes to the syllabus will be communicated to the student verbally or by e-mail.


Masking:  Winthrop requires that all students adhere to safety practices that will minimize the transmission of COVID-19 within the campus community.  Accordingly, students are expected to engage in social distancing and wear a cloth face mask while on campus.  Failure to comply with this requirement in the classroom will result in dismissal from the current class meeting.  Repeated violations will be reported to the Dean of Students as a violation of the Student Conduct Code.  Students with conditions that prohibit the wearing of a face mask should discuss this with their instructor and/or contact the Office of Accessibility to arrange appropriate accommodations.